Catching waves & good karma

Combining adventure with community, support, and conservation

Quite simply, none of us put enough back into the world…especially when we travel. Mojosurf offer a unique mix of trips with full-on action-packed itineraries and the ability to give back and be involved in the local communities to help make a difference. Mojosurf Sustainable Tours combine the love of travel and surfing with helping out the amazing communities and ongoing programs that assist in research and conservation projects. Travel knowing that the people and places you’ve grown to love are receiving the support their community has asked for – even after you leave.



We care about the long-term wellbeing of communities that we operate alongside during travel.

Make a difference while you travel with Mojosurf! Our sustainable trips offer genuine immersion in local communities. Join English language programs, beach clean-ups, learn about turtle conservation, and connect with the local community. This is more than a standard volunteer trip; It’s a true adventure with lasting impact!

These trips are perfect for people who want to learn to surf or for experienced surfers who want to give back to the amazing communities they surf in at the same time.

Make a difference

Make a difference

Make a difference

Make a difference

Our Commitments

It’s not an acronym, but more like an ethos, ya know?

Environmental Stewardship

Mojosurf is committed to reducing our footprint on the planet and reducing our impact on the oceans in which we work and play.

We Integrate sustainability considerations through all stages of our activities; respect legally designated protected areas, and refrain from damaging the fragile eco-systems we work within.

We promote the efficient and responsible use of energy, water and other resources throughout our businesses and implement practices to ensure the safe operation of all our functions.

Mojosurf suggest that travelers consider their footprint when choosing travel arrangements, such as non-stop flights as opposed to multiple stop flights, selecting offsetting omissions when paying for flights or rail travel as an alternative.

Inclusiveness, Respect & Diversity

We highly value and encourage diversity and strive for an inclusive environment in which each employee feels fully respected, treated fairly and with dignity. The differences in age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and many other dimensions among our employees add value to our compelling culture and help us accomplish more.

We prohibit and strive to eliminate all forms of illegal discrimination, both direct and indirect, in all employment related decisions. We strive for our employees to enjoy a safe work environment that is free from harassment or intimidation.


Mojosurf respects the variety and variability of life on Earth.  We ensure that our customers and employees are educated on the preservation of animals and the environment in which we operate.

This includes education on the regulations of safe distances from the marine life we may encounter and the wildlife such as kangaroos and wallabies.

Community Engagement

Recognize and respect the rights and aspirations of people affected by our activities. We endeavor to give back to the communities we work in by employing and sourcing locally. Our Mojocare range provide English lessons for communities who are otherwise unable to access these services and education in recycling and single use plastic reduction.

We also strive to contribute to the education and training of the rural communities surrounding our business operations. We recognize the value of education in sustainability for today and tomorrow.

Supply Management & Economic Development

Support local communities through measures such as development programs, locally sourcing goods and services, and employing local people.

Engage our suppliers in the implementation of the Sustainability Code to promote responsible use and supply of materials.

We endeavor where possible to source sustainable and environmentally friendly surf products and reduce our waste in this area where reusing or recycling.

Continuous Improvement

Mojosurf is committed to continuously improving our sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Everyday goals

  • To eliminate single use plastic from all our operations and to provide alternatives where possible
  • To educate our customers and employees on the effects of single use plastics on our marine environment
  • To educate our customers and staff on the benefits of reducing the use of waste materials, reusing and recycling
  • To ensure recycling processes are in effect at all our operations
  • To reduce excessive use of chemicals in all our operations
  • To reduce waste in the use of water and electricity