Our Story

How did we find our Mojo?

Living the dream since 1998

Nat and Dan, two surfers from Australia’s East Coast, created Mojosurf in 1998 to live a life of fun, adventure, travel, and new friends. They surfed, taught, and traveled to the best surf spots, enjoying great food and endless fun. Mojosurf quickly became the best way to learn surfing and experience the surfer’s lifestyle.

Join the adventure of a lifetime with Mojosurf! A world-leading surf tuition, travel, and adventure group. Experience the best surf schools, guided surf adventures, and surf camps along Australia’s East Coast and Bali & Beyond. Become a part of the Mojo Family and embrace the thrill of surfing.

What does Mojo stand for?

It’s not an acronym, but more like an ethos, ya know?

The Lifestyle

We celebrate everything about surfing. Whether you are looking for a surf lesson, surf holiday or life changing surf academy experience, Mojosurf has an adventure for you.

Amazing Locations

We operate surf schools, tours, adventures and camps throughout Australia, Indonesia & Portugal- iconic, legendary and local secret spots are our speciality!

Likeminded People

We are the people that’ll make sure your mojo experience is unforgettable. To hype you up, show you the way, and keep the party going all trip long!

Good Times

One thing we’ve learned is that people need more good times, so that’s what we focus on! The surfer lifestyle is good for the soul, so come let the good times roll!


With years of surfing experience and a passion for ocean and surf safety, we know how important thorough and clear education is for your relationship with the water.

Surf Safety

Learn to surf and stay safe on a Mojosurf adventure and beyond. We take you to the best learn-to-surf beaches and waves to suit all abilities.


We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

We integrate sustainability considerations through all stages of our activities; respect legally designated protected areas, and refrain from damaging the fragile eco-systems we work within.

Let’s Find your next adventure