farm & stay

at spot x surf

live on the Australian beachside whilst you work at local farms

Mojo farm and stay is located at the legendary Spot X surf camp. This beautiful beachfront accommodation is a recreational haven for backpackers and Australian natives, and has been for over 26 years. During the busy season we teach legends how to surf, and in the winter season we provide accommodation for farm labourers. The off-season for tourism is the busy season for growers who are looking for backpackers just like you to help farm operations run smoothly! We are fortunate to live just minutes down the road from dozens of world renowned farms that grow a wide variety of berries and other delicious produce.


The beach we live on in Arrawarra NSW is straight out of a postcard. Located just 30 minutes north of Coffs Harbour and a three minute walk to amazing surf breaks we are truly living the dream! We could not be positioned any better with the largest blueberry farm in the southern hemisphere just 15 minutes down the road, and countless other reputable farms as our neighbours. Imagine waking up to these views every morning before you go off to work to make some money, come back and surf or exercise on the beach before the night time Firepit hang out with all of your mates

What and who will I see in this environment?

You will see kangaroos, possums, dolphins, whales, and our resident turtles and beautiful beaches. There are infinite adventures to embark on with such amazing wildlife all around you. Imagine living in such a place we are hundreds of fellow backpackers and adventurers; the only thing missing is you and your mates! We have all the walks of life here: going out for surfs in the morning and evening, spearfishing off the headlands, SUP sessions on the crystal clear waters over the lively reefs, kayaking in the river and open ocean, fishing off the beach, stargazing with nearly zero light pollution, yoga, meditation, musical jam sessions, fitness sessions, and much more! It’s safe to say that whatever brings you joy, 

You will find like-minded people to share your time and passions with here at Spot X.


Shared dorm or teepee accommodation on the Spot X beachside surf camp.


Farm work consists of all types of work: truck, ATV and tractor driving, weeding, picking, general maintenance and construction building fences, netting, tunnels, and more! Picking jobs are the primary positions on offer the first half of the season which runs into August. Picking jobs a piece rate jobs meaning your income is dependent upon the weight of berries/produce picked. All other positions are paid hourly and will be the same or (more often) more than the government set minimum wage rate.


  • If you need to check out of Spot X on your own account before your scheduled departure date for any reason then you will be issued a credit. There are no refunds, but you can spend your remaining credit on snacks in the Spot X market, merchandise, and/or you can open- date your booking for 12 months. And open – dated booking means if you are 2-weeks left on your farm and stay package, you can come back any time in the next 12 months to use those 14 days of accommodation at no additional cost you because you have already purchased it.
  • We do not guarantee jobs but will supply you with contacts for interviews


Q: When do I start farm work: 

A: Departmental needs vary from farm to farm and we cannot guarantee if or where you will be placed and when. You will be required to attend the farms mandatory interview and training process before a job is secured.

Q: Can I apply with Tourist Visa? Student Visa? Bridging Visa? 

A: You cannot work on a farm (or anywhere) with a tourist Visa. You can work up to 20 hours per week on the farm with a student Visa. If your bridging Visa has working rights, then yes you are allowed to work on the farm.

Q: Do I have to pay monthly or biweekly rent? 

A: You pay for your first 2 weeks upfront (non refundable) during your job trial. Once your job is confirmed you will need to pay 2 weekly or monthly installments of rent – this is up to you.

Q: How do I get to the farm work?

A: The farm is a 15 minute drive from Spot X. There is no public transport available so you will need to drive yourself. You could car share with other farm workers or if there is an option to arrange shuttle buses at the camp depending on how many people are working at the time. Contact us to chat about options if you can’t drive yourself.

Q: How can I get to Spot X?

A: You can get to Spot X by car otherwise you can train or bus. We can assist you with ticket purchases to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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