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Top 9 FREE things to do in Byron Bay

  1. Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk 

Cape Byron lighthouse was built in 1866 and is the most Easterly point of mainland Australia. It has become one of the must-see sights in the region, and it is popular with locals, Australian and International tourists. 

In 1956, the light became Australia’s most powerful, at 2,200,00 cd when it was converted to mains electricity, and it is still one of the brightest lighthouses in operation in Australia. 

The lighthouse is best at sunrise and sunset, we love a sunset walk chat to your Mojo Crew about a sunset lighty walk, chances are your travelling mates will want to join you! 

Fun fact: Byron, was named by Captain Cook, after John Byron who is the grandfather of the famous poet, Lord Byron. 

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2. Byron Bay Markets 

Byron Bay beachfront markets are on the 1st Sunday of every month and 3rd Sunday in December & January. 

Braid feathers in your hair, explore the creations of local artists, photographers, and fashion designers. 

Global fashion brand Spell & The Gypsy Collective started from humble beginnings at the Byron Bay markets, you could pick up a fashion piece from a future fashion icon. We hear SJP recently made her first Spell purchase. 

If you’re keen to hire a car for a hinterland adventure, we also recommend The Channon and Bangalow markets too.

3. Swim in Tea Tree Lakes 

Lake Ainsworth, more commonly known in the area as ‘Tea Tree Lake’, is an amazing freshwater lake located in Lennox Head which is about 25 minutes drive south of Byron Bay. It is here that locals will make a pilgrimage to settle their minds and to escape the hustle and bustle.

As you glide in, the water changes to a deep brown, coloured by the native tea trees framing the lake, giving their healing elixir to the water.

4. Celebrity Spotting

Since the 1970’s Byron Bay has been a quiet oasis for the world’s most famous celebrities to blend in with the local crowd, and not much has changed since Paul Hogan owned the famous Beach Hotel. 

Christmas & the New Year bring celebs from all around the world. 

Keep your eyes peeled if your swimming at The Pass you might catch Jack Johnson in the water teaching his kids how to surf or Chris Hemsworth at the Strike for Climate Action protest in the main street, teaching his kids to skate at the local skate ring, Matt Damon at K-mart Ballina or Angus Stone at The Northern catching local music. All legitimate sightings of our famous celebs in the past 12 months. 

The local protocol is to let them be, catch a glimpse take only but memories and leave no footprints. Leave the phone in your bag and let them live like locals! 

5. Swim at Wategoes Beach 

Wategoes Beach is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country, but if you’re prepared to take a walk you can enjoy multi-million dollar views absolutely FREE! 

Fun fact: The small arc of the beach is named after the Watego family who settled the area in the 1930s and grew bananas and vegetables where the houses are now.

The average price in 1961 was $700 less than a flight to Bali, in 1970, $2320. It would take over 25 years for all of the lots to be sold and built on. Wategos is now prime real estate in Byron Bay with houses worth millions. 

6. Hinterland Sunset 

As the sunsets to the west over the rolling hills of the hinterland, the colours of the rainbow come to life as the sun drops over the hills. 

A little local secret is catching the sunset from the viewing area on the corner of Hinterland Way & Coolamon Scenic Drive. 

We guarantee it to be one of the most memorable experiences of your time in Byron Bay. And, other than the cost of a couple of beers it’s totally free! 

7. Listen to local Live Music

Byron Bay has a long history of attracting the world’s most talented musicians, which has positioned Byron as the unofficial Capital of Australian music. 

Ziggy Alberts, Nick Cunningham, Kyle Lionhart & Luke Morris are some of the recently established and emerging artists that you can catch busking the streets of Byron Bay over the years. 

You might not catch Ziggy on the streets these days but you might just catch the stars of tomorrow! 

8. Ti Tree Lake Swims at Tyagrah 

A must-do on a visit to the Byron Bay area, this tea tree stained lake offers plenty of space for longer swims. The tea tree oil dropped into the lake from the surrounding forest gives the water a dark colour and is rumoured to be great for your skin. There’s a path which lets you cruise the circumference of the lake. Once you’ve chosen your spot, settle down on the bank with a picnic and enjoy an afternoon of lazy dips.

Tyagarah Tea Tree Lake is on Black Rock Rd. When driving down the road you will see a single track path on your left that leads to the waterhole. The water is stained dark brown/red from the tea trees that surround the lake.

These aren’t free, but worth the experience. 

9. Learn to Surf (Obviously)

Byron Bay and the surrounding region offers the best learn to surf waves in the World. Our crew check the conditions daily to find the most learner-friendly waves available in the region. 

A Mojosurf experience is like no other, our crew say they are ‘livin the dream’ and they’ll take you on one wild ride, one you will never forget. 

But, be warned surfing is highly addictive we often have learners who end up staying with us for months to perfect their skill and even choose to head south to Mojosurf Spot X surf camp for the 3-month instructor’s course.