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5 EPIC reasons to surf at Mojosurf’s Spot X

Learning to surf has been something to cross of my bucket list since well, probably watching blue crush when I was 9 years old. I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up to Mojo surf and do the 7 nights and 7 days Surf & Stay at Mojosurf’s Spot X Surf Camp. The surf and stay adventure is something I couldn’t recommend enough, just to really show you I’ve written the 5 BIG reasons why learning to surf at Spot X is the EPIC.

  1. Ah because it’s beautiful.

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches and to have such close access to one is the ultimate dream. It really does give you those blue crush vibes when you can roll out of bed and pretty much roll straight into the ocean. Waking up and watching the sunrise while checking the surf has definitely become a new favourite routine and I think it will be yours too. The waves at Spot X while I was there were perfect condition (for a beginner) nice and small, clear blue water and the sun was shining the whole week!

  1.  The Location

The surf instructors have such a passionate and empowering vibe that captivates you into a confident go-getter. I get it, waves and surfing can be scary and nerve-racking but with these guys, you feel as if you’ve got the world at your fingertips. They provide you with every detail for both being safe and to give it your best while you’re in the water.  They’re there with you the whole time, cheering you on and giving you constant feedback and advice. I think I had a smile on my face the whole time not only because I was actually getting up and riding the waves, but also because I had the best surf instructors making me feel invincible!

  1. Making Friends 

I decided to go to Spot X on my own and at first, I was a little worried I would be lonely the whole time but boy was I wrong! I made so many friends for life as well as making so many unforgettable memories with them. We all got along so well and based on the fact we were all in the same boat of learning to surf made it so much easier. The week was filled with sharing stories, creating memories, laughs and making new life long friends. If you were planning on coming to Spot X alone or with friends you are bound to create life long friendships & amazing memories.



  1. The Atmosphere & Endless Activities

At Spot X there is a whole range of different activities you can get involved in while you’re not surfing. There is volleyball, kangaroo golf, slip and slide, nature walks, kangaroo spotting, water rafting and so much more. The activities create that summer break vibes which of course puts everyone in the best mood. At nighttime, you can have a drink while playing limbo or other party games or sitting around the campfire sharing your best surfing stories. The atmosphere reminds me of the feeling of freedom, not having anything to worry about apart from having fun.



  1. Everything’s included

I didn’t have to worry about bringing anything nor bringing the wrong things. I just needed myself, bikini, pair of shorts and some thongs. Everything at Spot X is included from your sunscreen, surfboard, rashie, bedding, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now let me tell you about the food (especially the dinner) I’m a massive backpacker foodie and after a surf lesson and a couple of hours in the sun my appetite is huge and Spot X hit the spot just right in that department. I was never hungry nor dissatisfied. They know how to feed a hungry surfer alright. They also had the perfect boards to fit everyone’s surfing level and the condition’s of the waves.

Alright, alright now if you’re not convinced you need this experience I don’t know what else will! Taking the plunge to learn to surf has so many more perks with Spot X. Not only have I gained a surfing experience but also friends, unforgettable memories, Australian experience and a tan! The photo of me riding a wave is the envy of all my mates back home!! 

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to jump on board. Spot X has me hooked on surfing and I think I’m up for the 90-day surf instructor adventure there next. See you there friends.

Ellie xx