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Understanding the Aussie Dude & The Aussie Dudette

When you meet an Aussie’s they have a slant of English foreign to even English speaking folk. 

We’ve deciphered the Aussie lingo to help you babble through the slang! 

When a dude says: 

  • G’day mate – Pleased to make your acquaintance. 
  • Man, he’s blotto – Inebriated beyond capacity to stand up
  • You little ripper – Words of praise fail me.
  • Rack off mate – Your presence is no longer required 
  • Fair dinkum – Of course I’m telling the truth
  • Pull ya head in – You may be correct in your assertion but shut up
  • Wanna rage? – Would you like to drink vast amounts of alcohol with me until we drop? 
  • You drongo – A rather dimwitted person. 
  • Your shout – If you value you well being you should buy the next drink! 
  •  Go on – I’m not entirely convinced you know what you’re talking about 
  • Whadaywant?- May I ask what you want? 
  • Have a chunder – The delicate act of regurgitation likely to occur after getting blotto
  • Bloody oath mate – I’m in total agreeance with you
  • Howya goin – May I ask how you are?
  • Give it a go ya mug! – Are you perhaps incapable of performing this act

When a dudette says; 

  • Wanna cuppa hun – Would you care for some tea
  • Go tart yo’self up – Please dress in your best clothes
  • Wanna come to our piss up? – You’re invited to our party
  • How ya goin luv? – I hope you’re feeling well
  • Don’t get your knickers in a knot – Don’t get upset
  • What’s the latest goss? – What’s the latest juicy news
  • The old man’s shot through – My husband’s left town
  • Get stuffed bitch – I’m really cranky and it would be best if you left (quickly)
  • Shut ya gob – tell someone who cares
  • Don’t Crap on – Aren’t you exaggerating 
  • Could I bum a fag? – May I have one of your cigarettes
  • Grouse lippy – What a nice shade of lipstick