Top 5 Epic Places To Learn To Surf This Winter Vacation! 

If you’re searching for the perfect summer holiday destination to escape the inevitable, impending gloom of another winter at home, then get your passport ready and start planning your summer getaway with our Top 5 summer surf destinations. 


Sydney is an absolutely essential stop on any sun-seeking trip down under. For adventure seekers, you can climb the Sydney harbour bridge for epic views across the city. Nightlife is buzzing no matter what night it is and is especially vibrant if you are lucky enough to visit during Mardi Gras. Despite all the hustle, bustle and go-go-go of a big city, you’re only minutes away from the most iconic of Australian beaches, Bondi. 

As beautiful as Bondi Beach is, its location makes it a popular spot for surfers of all skill levels, from first-timers to pros. Not an ideal scenario to jump on a surfboard for the first time. There are plenty of stunning, hidden surf beaches outside of Sydney. You can learn to surf uncrowded waves, explore national parks or hop on an Ocean Rafting adventure at our Spot X Surf Camp north of Sydney. Sydney is the perfect first stop on any anti-winter, sun-seeking adventure. 

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Byron Bay


Life in Byron Bay is two things, relaxed and easy. Sydney and big city life are a lot of fun, but perhaps you’re looking to take the locals advice and, “Cheer up, slow down and chill out.” You’re also blessed to be in the most easterly point in Australia. It would be rude not to get out of bed early at least one morning, to be the first to see the sunrise from Byron Bay Lighthouse. You don’t need to worry about buses, trains or Ubers here. Getting around on foot or a bike will get you anywhere you need to go in this sleepy beach town.

What makes surfers all over the east coast flock to this surfers mecca on the east coast of Australia? Apart from the incredibly chill vibes of the town, the waves here break slow making them easy to catch. One of the unique features of the Byron Bay surf are the breaks at Main Beach are created by shipwrecks offshore.

Honestly, learning to surf in Australia doesn’t get much better than this. With a range of breaks for all skill levels from Lennox Head to Ballina, you’re spoilt for choice. To immerse yourself in the relaxed, Byron Bay lifestyle we would 100% recommend pairing learning to surf with yoga classes taught by the local, experienced yogis.

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Ethical Vacationing on the East Coast of Australia. 

As life-changing and exciting travelling is, air travel has a disproportionately large impact on climate change. It currently accounts for 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Taking time to give back to local communities when visiting is a fundamental experience for all eco-conscious travellers. 

ORCA 365 based on the northern coast of New South Wales & Bali are experts in creating travel experience with the support of local communities, creating positive and measurable environmental change. Focusing on ocean and coastal restoration in local communities you can combine chasing the sun and waves with;

  • ridding beaches of washed up plastics, 
  • dune regeneration projects, 
  • kayaking in pristine estuaries to manage waste and waterway health and, 
  • learn about vital shark conservation. 

Contribute to positive change all while learning to surf in Australia #1 best-kept secret surf spot. Minutes walk from pristine beaches and one of Australia’s smoothest breaks, it’s easy to take up surfing in a place not every backpacker tends to tread. All the while giving back to the local community and environment. 

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We’ve established Australia is a top spot for escaping the winter blues and chasing the sun. The best thing about escaping winter there is Australia’s proximity to South-east Asia. Home to unspoilt islands and the most diverse surf breaks on the planet. The exchange rate helps make your travel dollars go further for travellers on a budget, a beer here costs €1.

It’s easy to immerse yourself in traditional island life and Indonesian culture in Canggu. Away from the typical tourist destinations, treat yourself to a traditional Balinese massage. Visit some of the furrier locals with a trip to Monkey Forest in nearby Ubud and experience the unreal views across the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The Indonesian coastline is home to an incredible range of marine life. Take a once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkel with beautiful tropical fish, giant manta rays and turtles.

Canggu’s surf breaks stretch across 5kms of beach, providing a range of breaks perfect for beginners all the way through to experienced surfers. Batu Bolong is a prime spot for beginners with slow moving waves breaking in deep water.

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Red Island, Indonesia

Experience a part of Indonesia off the beaten track, that few travellers venture to when visiting Pulau Merah (Red Island). Take a journey through local villages, mountains and tropical jungles until palm trees appear along with untouched bays creating a perfect hideaway from the tourist towns of Bali. 

The bays surrounding Red Island have created a perfect location for beginner surfers, away from crowded breaks with soft waves crashing on white beaches, creating a picturesque background for hoping on a board for the first time.  Due to the unique shape of the coastline there is always a soft gentle wave for first time surfers. Other spots on the beach offer unspoiled barrels and shore breaks perfect for when you’re ready to test your skills. 

When not in the surf it’s easy to spend your days exploring Lost Paradise beach, swimming with turtles, take the night trek to see “Blue Lava” in an active volcano or lay in a hammock enjoying a cold beer, leaving winter and real life far behind. 

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