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Embrace the Surf Dream at Mojosurf Camp Mentawais

Mojosurf Camp Mentawais, the best accommodation in Mentawai Islands. Nestled on a palm fringed island in the Playground area of the Northern Mentawai Islands, this true surfing mecca is known for the diversity of quality breaks. Everyone from intermediate to surf professionals will thoroughly enjoy this experience of a lifetime and the warm, welcoming friendly atmosphere at the Mojosurf Camp Mentawais .

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Surfing in the Mentawais

A World-Class Surfing Destination

Discover the Mentawais, a premier surfing spot boasting consistent swells, light winds, and warm waters. Our daily boat transfers will take you to a variety of waves suitable for all skill levels, from advanced beginners to experienced chargers. Enjoy wave sizes ranging from 2 to 12 feet, with an average of 3-5 feet, and find everything from fun-sized walls to incredible stand-up barrels.


Relax, surf, eat, sleep, and repeat at the Mojosurf Camp Mentawais, nestled between the Pit Stop and Nipussi surf breaks on Nyang Nyang Island. Our beachside accommodations offer all-inclusive meals, easy access to world-class surf breaks, and opportunities to explore hidden gems. Enjoy additional activities like fishing, spearfishing, and snorkeling in a tropical paradise teeming with vibrant marine life.

Island-Inspired Accommodations

Experience the true essence of island living at Mojosurf Camp Mentawais with our comfortable, shared lodge-style rooms featuring fresh bedding and shared private bathrooms. Indulge in three daily meals offering a mix of Western and Indonesian cuisine, as well as refreshing beverages like coconut water, coffee, tea, and Bintang beer. Unwind in communal spaces designed for relaxation, games, and movie nights.

Explore Nyang Nyang Island

Located on the secluded Nyang Nyang Island in the north Mentawai Islands, Mojosurf Camp Mentawai offers a serene escape characterized by a wet equatorial climate perfect for surfing. This undeveloped paradise is home to a few local villages and surf accommodations, and is surrounded by dense tropical rainforests with intricate river systems. Explore the island’s walking trails used by locals for transportation and farming, immersing yourself in the island’s unique environment.

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