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Learning to surf Mojostyle

Feeling the wave of excitement overcomes you when you’re about to learn to surf is one of the most memorable feelings, one that will last a lifetime. When you make the decision to get out in the surf with a board under your arm, it is one that is easier than people think. But, the secret is to do it in a safe and fun environment with specially trained Mojosurf instructors that will give you the skills you need to start your surfing journey while having an EPIC time!

1. Preparation is Key 

Preparation is key we would recommend getting in some water time before your first lesson, go for a dip in the surf, a swim in the pool, and just get used to being submerged in the water. If you love to keep fit a couple of pool sessions can help get you in shape for your first lesson.

2. Mojosurf EPIC experience 

Mojosurf offers the ultimate learn to surf experience, with expert instructors that know how to teach you the skills you need to pop up on your board and glide along on the wave, all while having the time of your life. They’ll hold your hand to choose the right board, select a wetsuit or rashie and step by step take you through the critical steps to getting you up, on your first wave.

3. Mojosurf lesson in the water

The perfect lesson starts on the beach with an ocean safety briefing, here your instructor will take you through everything you need to know to be safe in the water, this important to keep yourself safe & your lesson mates as well. The Ocean Safety brief is followed by a short warm-up, then land drills where you’ll learn step by step the moves to get you dancing on party waves.

4. Getting in the surf

The experience of riding your first wave is like no other, whether it’s simply lying on your board, or popping up to your feet. The feeling of gliding along on a green wave is exhilarating, and it will leave you wanting more. The pro’s make it look effortless and they all started at the same place with an ocean safety brief and land drills – they progressed over time and you can too with the right coach while having an EPIC time.

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