8 Tips To Get You Surf Ready

You’ve decided to get onboard an epic Mojosurf Rad-venture, or you’ve stayed with us and want to improve your surf game, we’ve put together 10 tips to get surf-ready or build skills! 

  1. Cardio fitness 

You need endurance to paddle and chase down waves when you’re learning, to help keep you in the water for longer, improving your general fitness and including regular cardio workouts can help you ride more waves. The more you ride the better you’ll get.

Check out Aussie app Sweat for general daily fitness tips. 

2. Invest in the right gear 

If you’re planning on moving from learner to pro, well intermediate first, obvs we recommend our epic 2-month development course in Spot-X, where we have a selection of boards & wetsuits to help you fly on the water. 

When you leave we recommend you invest in a good board that works for your skill level, our instructors can help you find a second-hand board, and invest in a good wetsuit to keep you in the water during winter.

3. Size up your surfboard

Our Mojosurf instructors can help you select the right board to get you in the water, they’ll show you how to size your board to match your ability. The right board is the secret to looking epic on the water. 

4. Understand your limits

If you’re in the water for a post-lesson surf know your limits, the surf conditions can change quickly so if it’s getting too big, too powerful make your way in for a break! No one likes admitting defeat, but it’s better to get out while you’re ahead.

5. Surf Fuel 

Surfing requires high energy, so good food & drinks lots of water and post-surf beers are a must, I mean you deserve beer after hours chasing waves! If you’re surfing in winter thermos of hot tea, coffee or milo is a must! 

6. Keep your eyes OPEN 

When you’re learning one of the must-have skills you’ll learn onboard a Mojosurf trip is duck diving under the wave, you’ll need this to break through the whitewash to discover the best waves. Open your eyes under the water, you’ll see the whitewash over you, so you’ll be able to easily find the surface of the water quickly. Also critical if you come off a wave to easily find the surface. 

7. Plant your hands

You’ll learn to pop up on the surfboard before taking off on the wave, remember put your hands on your board before popping up, and don’t hold onto the rails. Trust me, it’s easier said than done, but this simple tip can keep you on your board and help you get to your feet faster! 

8. Eat, Sleep, Surf. Repeat.

The biggest secret to get you from learner to pro is consistency in the water. Surf, surf every day, every opportunity – and you’ll fast track your development. And, the added benefit is surfing will take you to wildly beautiful surf destinations all around the world from Byron to Bali and beyond.