12 Signs Your A Backpacker

So you left home with a feeling of freedom as you boarded a 30+ hour flight to the other side of the planet. You’ve squizzed a wardrobe into a backpack got your passport sorted and now you’re on the road?

Here’s a test if you answer yes to 10 or more of the questions below, congrats you’re officially a backpacker! 

  1. You have no permanent address and your mail is redirected to your parent’s house. 
  2. You’ve learned profanity in 5 different languages? 
  3. You’ve played goon-a-fortune, beer pong & shithead drinking games? (Double points if you learned these in Australia).
  4. You value freebies more than you ever have before, hostel free breakfast, I’m there?
  5. You use the sniff test to determine whether you do laundry or not?
  6. After a couple of months, you downsized your pack to just the essentials so you can travel faster?
  7. You’ve learned how to light pack like a pro?
  8. You love to get off the beaten track and travel to places unknown in search of unexpected adventure?
  9. You’ll do everything you can to save cash on travel, but have a booze stash?
  10. Having a hot shower is considered a luxury. 
  11. You’ve got flip-flop tan marks on your feet?
  12. You can say beer in 10 languages?
  13. You feel closer to your travel mates then the ones you left at home? 
  14. You stood up on a surfboard and felt the exhilaration of gliding along a wave?

Did you answer yes to more than 10 of the 14 signs you’re a backpacker? If you did well congratulations mate, consider yourself a free-spirited, thrifty AF, adventurous backpacker. 

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