The 7 types of people you want to travel with Mojostyle

Travel solo or in a group opens up a new travel world, some great, some not so great and some just downright ugly. 

So let’s take a step back and assess the 8 personality types that take your experience from drab to fab. 

There can be the compass, the free spirits, the story-tellers, the culture addicts and the party people. As you know the world of travel always puts the person you in need on your path just when you need them. So which type of traveller are you? 

Travel is best measured by the people that make the experience. 

  1. The Yolo’er

The impulsive personality type, that wakes you up every morning, whether you were in bed at 9pm or 5am the next day. Overly happy sharing positive vibes with the world his or her infectious enthusiasm to see do and feel everything. This traveller will pull you out of your comfort zone (if you have one), throw their arm around your back and take you along for the ride – whether it be surfing waves, a self invitation to BBQ with the locals, with your memory in tact, well most of the time. 

  1. The Story-teller

Move over selfies they were so 2012, you want to team up with the traveller who can turn your rad adventures into a film clip worthy of a YouTube pre-roll. What to look out for a traveller with Go-Pro Hero Black, drone, DSLR camera and Apple Macbook. They carry the tech and can use it to tell incredible stories and at the end, you’ll leave with a wicked mate and a captivating story showcasing your epic adventures. If you can’t find one head to Mojosurf’s Spot X Surfcamp and ask for Pleuni our resident travellin story-teller. Be warned for an early-bird alarm bell at 5am to capture the best light of the day. 

  1. The Compass 

Let’s be honest these ones are like a leprechaun, once you find them never let them go. Lost, they don’t know the meaning of the word. They come with a built-in compass that guides every step, corner, road and back alley. Lost at 3am in at a house party in Mackay Street Byron, that’s ok, effortlessly you’ll make it safely back to the Mojosurf Camp at the Arts Factory – You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.


  1. The Thrift

The thrift has a way of navigating the travelling world on the smell of an oily rag, if you’re the type who slaps the card to buy a round of drinks at 11am, cos you only live once right? Well, you need The Thrift, they’ll silently come into your life, remind you to choose 2 min noodles, share with you there secret recipes that make 20-min noodles taste like a gourmet meal. You’ll expore all the FREE city highlights of the places you travel.  While your bank account slows to a pace you can enjoy the high life creating memories that will last a lifetime! 

  1. The Checklister 

This person has downloaded Lonely Planet and created their own checklist app for every place they visit! They know the distance and time to get from place to place, all the accommodation options listed in order of facilities to value ratio, a list of attraction, things to do and must-see places. If you’re the free-spirited type, you’ll likely clash with the Checklister, if you’re not a planner and looking to on dovetail on the back of a highly planned trip in execution mode, jump on we’ll see you at the other end! 

  1. The Culture Seeker

This person likely got an A+ in History and Geography. They love all things art, wine, history, customs and the natural world is their playground! The expert of getting off the beaten track, peeling back the layers of the communities to which they travel, and really feeling the DNA of the people and nature. The Culture Seeker will help you step outside you’re comfort zone and connect to people and the planet in ways which you never knew before.

  1. The Hipster 

They define a generation, a hipster in name only, never label the hipster a hipster – if you do, you might lose your travel mate altogether! They congregate in groups you spot them through the way they look, they are warm and inviting, but know the IT places, parties and people to hang with. Think yoga, kombucha, felt hats and beards. They’ll likely have mastered new languages and can help you converse with the locals when you’re hanging in Indo. Canggu is the Mecca of the Hipster.