The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tourism across the world to grind to a halt – desperately affecting people’s livelihoods in some of our most treasured holiday destinations. 

For years, MOJO surf has been supporting some of the most disadvantaged people across Indonesia with proceeds raised from our surf lessons and camps. Together, MOJO surf with support from our students have helped pay for:

  • Tuition fees for hundreds of underprivileged children;
  • The rehabilitation of a local orphanage;
  • The establishment of a duck and fish farm to help locals earn a sustainable income, and;
  • Weekly beach clean ups in Bali, where beaches have been blanketed by tonnes of rubbish.

On top of our existing programs, we are currently providing emergency food packs to 96 families across Indonesia to ensure they have access to the basics and can make it through the pandemic. Without travellers like you attending our camps, we simply cannot keep the dream alive.

This is why we need your help.  To keep families fed, children educated, beaches clean and the community ready to welcome the first wave of international tourists back to the region, when we are through this crisis.

Your generous donation today you will be supporting: 

  • Emergency food packs for 96 families across Indonesia
  • The removal of tons of rubbish from Bali’s beaches
  • Tuition fees for 30 children in Bali

A small donation of just $100 can go a long way in Indonesia and would provide food for a family of 4, for an entire month.