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Mojosurf in the Mentawais

Thought Mojosurf was a “learn” to surf school only? Well the truth is we’ve got programs specifically in place to develop your skills from an intermediate to advanced surfer too.

Our most popular experience is a beautiful destination, the Mentawais Islands, known for consistent swell, light winds, in warm tropical water it’s the perfect destination for you to advance your surfing skills under the watchful eye of our local expert instructors.

Mojosurf Camp Mentawai is located in a secluded region of the Nyang Nyang Island, in the north of Mentawai Islands, characterised by wet equatorial climate that has become synonymous with epic surf adventures.

The island stretches approximately 5km from end to end, with almost 60% covered by dense, lush, tropical rainforest with a variety of forest types and a multitude of rivers that make up a complex system of tributaries running down to the island’s shoreline.

Waves vary on size from 2-12 foot and average 3-5ft – any day you can get fun party waves to epic stand by barrels. Clean head high waves with offshore winds, these surf conditions are pretty much guaranteed.

Mentawai Surf Adventures

A tropical paradise with expert local guides, who will take you to breaks made famous and off the beaten track local breaks. We’ve got breakfast, lunch and dinner taken care of, so all you need to do is focus on progressing your surfing.

Mentawais Nyang Nyang Island

Want more than just waves? If you want to take a break from the surf you can fish, spearfish or snorkel in paradise that is the Mentawai Islands.

Staying at Yantos Place a comfortable beach shack located between the Pit Stop & Nipussi surf breaks in the Playgrounds area of Nyang Nyang Island. A maze of walking trails weave throughout the interior and circumference of the island, used by locals for moving between villages and between copra farming areas.

Yantos Place will feel like a home away from home with friends on the ultimate surf adventure. Mentawais: Are you ready to take on the Mentawais?