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Best Surf Breaks in Australia

We’ve compiled arguably the best 7 Australian surf breaks in some of our most famous coastal regions all around Australia, some you would have seen on a brochure others are off the beaten track adventure destinations only accessible to those seeking a true sense of adventure.

Enjoy the ride.

1. The Pass, Byron Bay 

From novice to pro there is not a surfer in the world that doesn’t have Byron Bay on their bucket list. The idyllic breaks have featured in more videos and ad campaigns than any other break known.

With endless summer days expect the right-hander to offer up waves for all levels of skill.

Best time to visit – year-round
Surf level – beginner, intermediate and advanced
Wave size – 4-10 ft
Surf break – Point, reed (right and left)
Crowd level – Busy

If you’re in Byron and need to check out this guide out to help you Find a board on a budget.

2. Spot X, Arrawarra  

A playground for learning to surf and for those looking to progress their development. Spot-X offers a tranquil experience for surfers to live walking distance from the sand and immerse themselves in real Aussie surf culture.

Spot X has consistent swell year-round and offers the ultimate surf camp experience. We think it’s the best in the world. Not biased at all.

Best time to visit – year round
Surf level – beginner, intermediate and advanced
Wave size – 2- 7 ft
Surf break
Crowd level – medium & seasonally busy

3. Noosa Heads, Australia

Numerous breaks line the beaches of Noosa, making this a perfect destination for surfers of all skill-levels. Learn to surf at Little Cove or test your mettle on the giant waves of Granite Bay. Some of the best spots are located within the Noosa National Park, allowing you to experience one of Australia’s most enchanting natural areas.

Best time to visit – December to April
Surf level – beginner, intermediate and advanced
Wave size – 2-14 ft
Surf break – Point, river-mouth (right and left)
Crowd level – Seasonally busy

4. Bells Beach

Etched in Australia’s surfing history is the infamous Bells Beach, located on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

It is the home to Australia’s longest-running surf comp’s, the WSL. With famous surfers like Steph Gilmore, Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Layne Beachley, Sunny Garcia, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and more dominating the wave and all ringing the famous Bell, you beat there’s solid surf.

Best time to visit – March to May
Surf level – intermediate to advanced, depending on conditions beginners
Wave size – 3-18ft
Surf break – Reef, point right
Crowd levels – Seasonally busy and busier on weekends

5. Cactus Beach, South Australia in the Great Australian Bite

You’ll find paradise when you arrive at Cactus Beach, the off-the-beaten-track break was once a secret only known by locals. Enter the age of the internet and secret breaks have largely become a thing of the past. Cactus beach is for the adventurer; buy the ticket and take the ride and you’ll be rewarded with a break from the crowds of other famous beaches!

Best time to visit – Year-round
Surf level – intermediate to advanced
Wave size – 3-10ft
Surf break – Reef, point right & left
Crowd levels – Rarely crowded

6. Shipstern Bluff, Southern Tasmania 

Made famous by Aussie big wave legend Mark Mathews wipe out that saw him take on a fifteen-foot wave in front of a cliff in cold, shark-infested waters, Mark hit a reef and instantly blacked out. Terror engulfed every inch of his being. Neck braced and hospital-ridden, he didn’t know if he could ever surf again. At that moment, Mark made a decision never to allow fear to overpower him again, he recovered and went on to win an unprecedented three consecutive Oakley Big Wave Awards and cement him as one of the best big waves surfers in the world. This wave is for serious technical surfers!

Best time to visit – March to September
Surf level – advanced
Wave size – 15-20ft
Surf break – Point, beach, reef right and left
Crowd levels – Rarely crowded

7. Margaret River, Western Australia

Marg’s as it is affectionately known is a favourite surf destination, home to some of Australia’s biggest waves and most consistent barrels. There are over 40 surf breaks in the region that attracts surfers of all skill levels.

The experience of Marg’s isn’t complete without a visit to one of the many world-class vineyards, beachside cafes, arts & cultural experiences hosted in the region.

Best time to visit – September to April
Surf level – Beginner, intermediate and advanced
Wave size – 2-20ft
Surf break – Reef, river mouth, point left and right
Crowd levels – Seasonally busy and busier on weekends