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A Letter From Mojosurf Head Frother & Founder

Hey Frother!

How’s it going?

Wherever you are on planet earth I hope you are taking the time to reflect on that time you were surfing with Mojo and the awesomeness it brought. The open spaces, the feeling of freedom, riding your first waves, meeting new friends and sharing the goodness that the surf lifestyle brings.

When we first started in 1998 never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined the world would be so challenged and restrictive…but don’t despair because we are pushing forward and innovating new ways to surf and travel.

We’ve launched our newest addition: Mojosurf Portugal with some sick adventures for our European legends. Back in Aus we have just reopened Legends Surf Museum for our recently departed great friend Scott Dillon…and of course we are cranking out new styles of surf lessons in Byron Bay with 4×4 missions and our life changing Surf Academy at Spot X.

Lastly, (but certainly not least) we’ve been taking great care of our teams in Indonesia and pivoting into caring for the planet there while the country is closed for international travel.

Luckily the best thing on the planet to be doing right now is exactly what we’ve always been doing; chasing good times, adventures, great surf and doing good along the way.

I’m reaching out to all our friends who we have surfed with before on many shores to join us in keeping the Mojosurf dream alive and sharing in the goodness we have always aimed to bring. Welcoming people from all walks of life into a lifestyle and experience that’s truly awesome. Along the way we help local communities and give a shit about our planet.

Join us in keeping the dream alive for surf travel, great communities and projects we work within and I look forward to surfing with you somewhere soon.

Mojo Nat